Copper Stallion Media, a wedding videography company signed a legally binding contract between Justin Montney and his fiancée on November 29, 2019. The fiancée was killed in a car accident on February 4, 2020

On February 17, Justin reached out by email to tell us that the wedding was off due to the death of his fiancée. We replied and expressed our sympathy and explained to him that all of our wedding contracts are non-refundable. He kept emailing us trying to get a refund and we kept reiterating that the contract is non-refundable. We eventually stopped responding since the issue was moot.

On May 18, 2020, Justin Montney emailed stating that since he did not hear from us or receive a refund, he was notifying us "that a presence will be taking place on social media" This statement shows malice and intent to harm the reputation of Copper Stallion Media.

Justin Montney then contacted the failing news station, KRDO in Colorado Springs, CO to tell his story. In the news story he admits that the contract was non-refundable but says we should give the money back due to the circumstance. Life is a bitch, Justin.

Let us explain to you why wedding service contracts are nonrefundable.

First, when you reserve the date with us, that date is yours. We block that date off in our calendar so no one else can book that specific date. If something should ever happen and the wedding is canceled, like in this scenario, we keep that money as liquidated damages as there is a likelihood that we will never re-book that date with someone else.

Second, Justin and his fiancée booked two videographers with us. Now, we have two shooters who cannot film that day and lose out on that income.

Nonrefundable deposits are the industry standard.

Since this smear campaign started, we have received numerous emails, phone calls and comments online. We are documenting everything to build our case against Justin Montney. We have acquired this domain name for the next two years. 

It is not right that people can go online and trash a company.


The contract was non-refundable. We will NEVER refund Justin Montney even with the online threats and harassment.

If we knew he was going to shake us down, we would have charged a higher deposit.


Below is the complete email exchange between Copper Stallion Media and Justin Montney.

From: Alexis & Justin Montney

Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 4:38 AM

To: Copper Stallion Media


Dear Copper Stallion, I regret to inform you my fiance, Alexis passed away in a car accident on the 3rd of February. I am hoping to cancel any arrangements we made with a refund.


Take care and God bless, Justin Montney



From: Copper Stallion Media

Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 4:53 AM

To: Alexis & Justin Montney


I’m so sorry, Justin!


We will take you off of our calendar. Please note that the services are non-refundable under the terms of our contract.


I do wish you well. 




From: Alexis & Justin Montney

Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 10:39 AM

To: Copper Stallion Media


Well then I would like to push my reservation for 10 years from now in case I ever get married! That or I could have a refund and I can even send you a picture of the death certificate. I would either like to still receive the services I am forced to pay for with the death of a party on the contract, OR a refund.


All the other arrangements were understanding durring this tragitity. (sic) Please let me know what options I have going forward.


Thank you.


Alexis & Justin Montney

Mon, May 18, 2020 at 8:21 PM

To: Copper Stallion Media

I have noticed that you did not reply to my email on February 22nd. I am just notifying you that a presence will be taking place on social media due to the lack of contact over nearly 2 months. I have requested a legal refund due to the death of my fiancee. And this is the first step I listed in my email that I have confirmation that you both received. -


When Justin didn't get his way, he turned to the interwebs.

We like how he said in the news interview that it was insensitive to offer the video service to a future date when HE is the one who made that recommendation. (see email above)


After the story was published online, the smear campaign began. The below reviews are from The Knot, which we had shut down. We received over 75 one-star reviews in a matter of hours. 


The same goes for our Yelp page as seen below.


We also received some colorful voicemails. Below are just a few. We have since stopped our voicemails and redirected them.


We understand a death occurred, but it's not right for people to turn to the internet and sodomize the reputation of a company. This is malice and the intent was to do harm. We know Justin is still young and in his 20s but this was wrong. He could have quietly filed a small claim to 'try' to recoup the non-refundable deposit. Instead, he chose the internet to shake us down. 


This website is registered with us for the next two years.


Let this is a precedent for anyone looking to bash their wedding vendor. Justin Montney said "presence will be taking place on social media." Well, here it is, Justin. 

Smear campaigns seem to be a growing trend in the wedding industry.